Welcome to Sanas Ancient Wisdom.

My name is Lin Grahame and I have over 22 years experience of providing massage and bodywork to both corporate and private sectors.

I now offer the following sessions.

1-2-1 sessions for body mind and spirit in your own home or workplace.
Pilates classes for older adults and those suffering from arthritis and joint problems.
Dance and Movement classes including Dancing with Arthritis.

I would love  to help people find connection and wellbeing of body mind and spirit.

Go the About page to find out more about me and the path that has led me to where I am today.


Pilates Classes

Dance & Movement

I passionately believe that physical, mental, emotional and spiritual connection and balance contribute to overall personal wellbeing.

I am interested in ways that help people to find the connection between body, mind and spirit.

With a background in biochemistry and medical research, I wanted to spend my time helping people.

The truly magical happens when physical techniques are
used and understood from a holistic perspective


I have always believed that dance can connect body, mind and spirit and that this connection leads to real relaxation, joy and peace.

I have studied movement and dance for many years and learned lots of lessons, both from my teachers and my own imperfections!

I have had arthritis for most of my adult life and this spurred me on to develop my programme called: ‘Dancing with Arthitritis’.

‘Dancing with Arthritis’ is firstly a dance or movement class that I created as my response to finding it difficult to take part in dance classes due to arthritis.

“The truly magical happens when physical techniques are used and understood from a holistic perspective.

Everything we do affects us on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

We are capable of performing miracles every moment, every hour of our lives not just when we are healthy, when the going is good, but we are capable of doing this when things are at their worst, and that is the grace we have. 

We’re working hard to try to reach you. The road is tougher now to what is true
My brain gets tired sometimes, ragged and worn, I have to surrender to be born

Luka Bloom from the song Sanas.