About Sanas Ancient Wisdom

I started Sanas-ancient wisdom around 22 years ago with the intention of providing massage and bodywork to both corporate and private sectors.

Over the years that changed and grew to include different types of bodywork, Pilates classes, posture workshops and Dance into Relaxation sessions.

I am interested in helping people become aware of their physical body, its alignment and posture. I am also interested in ways to help people find the connection between, body mind and spirit.

With my background in biochemistry I went on to learn massage with essential oils, acupressure massage, Indian head massage and hot stone massage. I also learned Reiki healing and Aura Soma Colour work.

In 2000 I studied Pilates Exercise and in 2000 I gained my City and Guilds Teaching qualification.  I taught On-site Acupressure for the Academy of On-site Acupressure for several years.

Much of my dancing life involved classes and performance in Contemporary, Jazz, and Flamenco Dance Styles.

I danced with amateur companies, Offshoot, Suddenlylastsummer, and formed the Choreography Collective to provide bodies and a space for amateur dancers to experiment.  I studied to the third level of Margaret Morris Movement.

I also studied many different movement techniques enabling me to learn more about movement patterns, posture correction, relaxation and strength.  I did classes and workshops in other types of dance and movement such as Gabrielle Roth’s Five Rhythm Dance, which works with movement from a more holistic and conscious perspective.

I continue to attend classes in this type of movement with Open Floor sessions as well as Contemporary Dance Technique classes.

In 2009 I did a Dance Movement Therapy Foundation course which I found fascinating.

I have had arthritis for most of my adult life although it only became painful in the last 12-15 years.

On June 21st 2010, I underwent a total hip replacement of my right hip and recovered well.  In December of that year, I completed the Nia technique white belt intensive training which was a fabulous experience that enabled me to develop the Movement/Dance into Relaxation.

In 2016 PRIME, Scotland’s first semi-professional dance company for people over 60 years of age was formed and I was very lucky to have been a member of PRIME since then and to have travelled to many places in Britain as well as Singapore with them.

Continual learning both personal and informative helps me to offer the most helpful and informative sessions for my clients both in 1-2-1 sessions and class/workshops.

In 2018 I had my left hip replaced.

In 2020 I had an accident which has led me to work less and to develop Dancing with Arthritis.

Much of my dancing life involved classes and performance in Contemporary, Jazz, and Flamenco Dance Styles

Lin Grahame