Pilates Classes

Pilates Classes and Workshops

I offer Pilates classes for older adults and those who want to work more closely into somatic awareness.  Read my blog post on 29th September 2021 for information on my Slow Pilates and how I developed it.

Our over 60s Pilates classes are very popular and prove to be extremely beneficial to our members who experience improved flexibility, core strength and stability whilst improving their posture and balance.

Tuesday lunchtime zoom seated and standing classes resume start 11th January 2022.  These are designed for people working from home who would like to move and stretch and improve strength and flexibility and relaxation.   Please email for further information and zoom link

Thursday evening classes start onThursday 13th January 2022 at 5.30pm.  These are clasical Pilates done at a slow mindful pace.  There is an option to join the class on zoom.  Booking is essential.


What is Pilates?

Pilates is named after its creator, German born Joseph Pilates, who developed a range of exercises back in the 1920s, based on his belief that physical and mental health were closely related.

His exercise programme was developed using the influence of western forms of exercise, including boxing, gymnastics and Greco-Roman wrestling.

Pilates is an accessible way to build strength in your core muscles for better posture, balance and flexibility.

Benefits of Pilates!

Regularly practicing Pilates can help achieve a number of health benefits, which includes:

  • Improved posture and balance .
  • Improved core strength and stability.
  • Improved flexibility.
  • Relief And prevention of back pain.

Who can do Pilates?

Pilates is tailor made to your level of fitness and can be enjoyed by beginners through to professional athletes.

Classes can vary in intensity and can be gentle or dynamic but they will offer a solid workout for your fitness level.

Pilates can be adapted to provide gentle strengthening and stability and it’s a good idea to go slowly at first and gradually increase the exercises at a controlled rate.

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Change happens through Movement and Movement Heals

Joseph Pilates.