Dancing with Arthritis is firstly a dance or movement class that I have developed as my response to finding it difficult to take part in dance classes due to arthritis.

Arthritis as a dance partner can pose a few problems!

One is Physical tiredness, stiffness and pain developing in the joints when moving for an hour or an hour and a half continuously.  For me another is Mental concern about being unable to do certain moves.  This leads me to lose confidence in myself and to have a fear around attending class knowing that I am less able than others.  These concerns mean that dancing no longer lifts my Spirit as it used to.

Can you still be expressive in movement when you have joints that don’t flow with ease and flexibility?

YES!  It simply has to be a different dance!

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Dance allows your body to express itself beyond boundaries!   Tell your story through movement!

I wanted to develop a class for people who suffer from arthritis and other joint issues who perhaps also feel as I do about a regular class.   This session is built Firstly around dancing with arthritis as your partner and what that can bring to the dance!   What you can do and not what you can’t do!   It means honouring the flexibility that is in your joints at the time.  It means many options for movement so that everybody can dance.  It means rest periods and chairs if and when required.  It means telling your story, whatever that may be.  It means believing you can dance! 

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The moves are adapted for sitting or standing and the atmosphere is supportive and welcoming for everyone.  My aim is that everyone will feel the joy of movement in their body mind and spirit.  The Second component of this session about finding the connection between body mind and spirit.  I have always believed that dance can help make that connection.   I will hold a safe space for you to play and begin to move with ease.   The music will be engaging, moving and uplifting.  It will gently take you on a journey from warm up through flowing and upbeat rhythms into lyrical moves and finally into stillness and relaxation.

You don’t need any training or have any skill.  You just have to be willing to step a little out of your comfort zone and then you will feel the shift from stiffness to ease and freedom of expressive expansion.  The sessions are for anyone who feels a calling to dance! Contact email for further information.

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