Dancing with Arthritis was first developed as a dance or movement class to address  finding it difficult to take part in dance classes due to arthritis. Now it is much more! It is Embody your own dance!




Physical tiredness, stiffness and pain developing in the joints when moving for an hour or an hour and a half continuously can be exhausting. For me another problem is mental concern about being unable to do certain moves. This leads me to lose confidence in myself and to have a fear around attending class knowing that I am less able than others. These concerns mean that dancing no longer lifts my Spirit as it used to. Digging deeper I find that I want to offer much more than simply to Dance with Arthritis!
Can you still be expressive in movement when you have joints that don’t flow with ease and flexibility?
Dance and Movement allows your body to express itself beyond boundaries! Tell your story through movement! All it takes is the courage to begin with one small step.

This is a session for people who may suffer from arthritis and other joint issues who perhaps also feel as I do about a regular class, but it is also a session for those who want to explore their body mind and spirit connection. It is about what you can do! Bring your courage, creativity and imagination to connect your body, mind and spirit in a graceful dance. I have always felt that music and dance help open the connection between body, mind and spirit taking us beyond physical limitations and it is now time for me to put walk my talk, or dance my dance! Come and join me in my ‘ Different Dance’ and connect with others in a safe welcoming inclusive space. Feel the joy of moving on a sensory level not as physiotherapy, but as telling your story, whatever that may be, in your own ‘ Different Dance’. I will help you find your own unique choreography through movement and deeply listening to your body, through writing and meditation. Find the hidden beliefs that limit you and dance them out! Maybe you feel, too old, too stiff, that you cannot dance, that you have never liked your way of moving. Maybe you were told you couldn’t dance! Maybe you have a persistent ache and are curious about it’s emotional or mental connection. I think it all ends as the feeling of not being good enough! So come and learn to love accept and approve of yourself through movement and your own story, your own dance! It simply has to be a different dance! A unique dance !

” There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening, that is translated through you into action, and because there is is only one of you in all time, this expresion is unique!
Martha Graham American modern dancer and choreographer 1894-1991

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You don’t need any training or have any skill.  You just have to be willing to step a little out of your comfort zone and then you will feel the shift from stiffness to ease and freedom of expressive expansion.  The sessions are for anyone who feels a calling to dance, to tell their unique story and find a deeper connection between body mind and spirit.  Contact email for further information.

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Dancing with Life is Moving with the Flow of our Experiences

Susan Jeffers.