Another Chapter By Lin Grahame

Its now almost June 2019, and almost a year since I went to Toulon in France to have my left hip replaced.

Truth is it is not as good as the right hip done at Julibee Hospital in Glasgow in2010, but I am not in pain and can move and dance.

Some days I am very tired, like today 30th May.  The weather is wet and cold but getting warmer.  It has been wet and cold for a few days and my  left hip and sometimes the right too ache a bit, my knees become stiffer and I feel so tired just walking up the road!

So on days like today I think what next!  How long will I be able to dance and move?

Other days are better, thank goodness.

Tiredness seems to be an ongoing thing.  Is it arthritis or something else.  Nothing can be found so I assume it is very tiring to move around and actually worse to stay standing still when there is not enough lubrication in several key joints in my knees and spine.

Others have this worse and even other ailments that make it even more difficult for them to move and function as normal.