Arthritis blog 12th September 2023


August seemed to fly by and suddenly it is September.  It has been the most glorious Indian summer in Scotland with temperatures well up to 24 or 25 degrees centigrade.   There have been some lovely clear calm mornings for me to dip into the sea.

About ten days ago I decided that maybe walking would be good for me despite my resistance to it.  I have tried to do at least 5000 steps everyday but at the same time really feel into what works for me and let go of the need to drive myself on if I feel too tired.   Soooo it has been that somedays I do more and somedays I do less!

I have also started to do a few strengthening exercises with weight added.

Last week I was able to complete a one hour contemporary dance class.  This was my first in over three years since my accident!   It is something I thought I would never be able to do again!  I was overwhelmed with the joy of it.  I especially love moving with the percussion beat.
I hope to do it every week but for me arthritis can be very unreliable!   One day or week I can feel great, the next so stiff and tired!  It may also be weather dependent!   I feel more ease on warmer days.  The cold damp days of the Scottish weather feel hard to cope with.

I think that CBD oil is helping my knees.   I have also been massaging them with a little frankincense oil night and morning.  I will write more on this later.

How much exercise to do is also difficult.   Obviously there is a point when I become just too tired, but there must a point when to do a little may give a little improvement?  I ask myself!

In August I started an on-line Embodied Dance teacher training.   This has so far uncovered more of the onion!  This is perhaps a metaphore I have used before to refer to the ever unfolding of myself!

Working with each chakra or energy centre in turn, one class for each, the course names the various connections it has with body, mind and spirit.  This was very familiar to me.  Less known to me, is the concept of moving with these energies.   Take something that is a challenge, or that I want to change for the better, move with it.   Ask how and where it is the body.  How does it move?  Does it want to move fast or slow, light or heavy?  What element or archetype does it move like?

When it feels right, we then move and ask the same questions of what we would like to bring in place of what we are ready to let go.   I will write more on this in the coming weeks and months.

Is arthritis about rigidity, lack of ease and flow?   I find that my rigidity is perhaps about attitude to most things.  I have to strive always to do more, to keep going, to be better, not to give in!   I have to learn that sometimes there is grace and ease in giving in, going with the flow in acceptance.


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