Lightness of Spirit


‘April is the cruellest month ‘  T.S. Eliot.  The Waste Land

Yes because for me April seems to tease with a hint of warmer days and then return to the cold and dampness we have come to know of winter and early Spring.

I am no doubt biased because I love to feel warm and I love the sun and high bright blue skies.

Yesterday it felt warm!  It was, I think about 16degrees Celsius and my knees climbed the steps in the garden with a little more ease!

In dance class I lumber about and wonder at talk of lightness and ease?  Is that possible with knee joints that no longer have resilience and support?

Tiredness comes quickly, I guess because it takes much more energy than it would when joints are healthy.

Learning that the movements given in a class and those I see others doing are no longer going to look the same way on my body.   How to accept, adapt and enjoy movement for its own sake is my goal now.   I want the challenge of new choreographies keeping my brain active, but have to accept I cannot make them in the same way as they are given.  My spirit might be willing but my body is not!   But I think that I can seek to dance with a lightness and a freeness in my heart and spirit,  in the same way as I can seek to dance or move with the echoes and spirit of  beloved friends gone who danced with these qualities.

20th April 2023