L’ Hirondelle (The Swallow)


I returned from three weeks in Spain on Tuesday 27th of June.   The weather in Spain was very warm 28-30degrees centigrade every day.  I bathed in the warm calm water of the Mar Menor every day and became used to the slower pace of life.  I felt a spaciousness I do not feel back in Old Craighall.  This is perhaps because the way of life is so very different.   I came back to a much colder climate with rain and wind.   I danced on the 28th but soon after my knees felt stiff and sore.  By the Saturday I felt very stiff and very tired and low in mood.   I feel like a very different person.  When I am in Spain I can walk much farther and much better.  I don’t bend over so much or hobble for side to side so much.

In Los Alcazares I danced Flow Dance Meditation on a rooftop overlooking the sea.  I meditated each morning and moved and wrote and read Anatomy of the Spirit for the umpteenth time always finding something new to learn.

Connect – body mind and soul – Los Alcazares, Murcia, Spain

Caroline Myss –  Anatomy of the Spirit

Susan Jeffres – Feel the fear and do it anyway – also read for the umpteenth time!

Arnold Mindell – The Shaman’s Body

I also of course listened to entertaining fiction in Audible .


The dampness affects my knees making them feel stiff and sore but this time the fierce wind that has been present over the last two days seems to have an adverse effect also!

So I wait for my next return to the warmth and the sea air on Los Alcazares.