Flying home

To the sun’s yellow light

To feel it’s easing warmth

To hear again the Spanish voices,

And savour lilts of the language



To bath in the sea

And not feel a chill,

Or the need to cover up quickly.


To feel the warm air

on my legs and on my  body.

And watch my skin turn soft brown.


To sit and feel calm

In a pavement café.

Flying home to feel free.


The light slowly fades as the plane flies south

Above fluffy candyfloss clouds.

I watch the sun setting in a pink soft light

And all too soon there is darkness.

The horizon a line between

Blue and red.


Flying home

Amidst fears of many ills.

It’s been so long

The chance is worth the taking.

Bypass the global shutdown

With courage and with care.



Flying home

To the cold and the mist and the grey.

To dreigh wet days and long dark nights

To coorie doon to hibernate ,

And wait for the swallows return.


And in the rain drenched streets

Between the umberellas

Street lamps reflect in puddles of

Yellow light

But this one holds no warmth.


Lg October 2022