Scooters and bikes and all the likes.

Tuk tuk taxis and motos with carts.

Donkeys and barrows and even a horse!

In the narrowest streets I have known.

Horns hoot and engines roar,

Donkeys bay with the constant beat

of the heart inside the medina.

The Muezzins’ call heard above all.

Five times a day

they call Muslims to prayer

and silence falls on Jemaa El Fna.


There’s Imans in white robes

Beside young girls in shorts.

Sipping their peppermint tea.

Crafters sit at their stalls in the souks.

Selling slippers scarfs and kaftans,

And all sorts of spices and teas.

Motor mechanics next Yves Saint Laurent

And crockery in between.

All the world on a magic carpet

Waiting to take you somewhere.


Lg March 2023