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Well today I am ok!  Should I say more?  After a long movement session, which was new to me, on Monday, my arthritic knees felt weak and sore.  On Saturday, Sunday and Monday my joints felt good so I perhaps overdid the movement.   Tuesday was for recovery, resting and of course wearing my Apos Therapy boots.  The weather may be a factor in the day to day unreliability of my joints.  On damp cold days I feel worse and am not inclined to be on my feet moving for too long!  On Wednesday mornings at the moment, I take part in an on-line contemporary dance class with Charlotte Jarvis.   These classes are a great opportunity for me because I have always loved her classes and on zoom I feel less fear of how my movements look!  Surprisingly I felt my knees coped ok with this very well, perhaps because Charlotte gave us some specific exercises to ease the pressure on knees.  One of these consisted of doing very small outward circles on bent hips knees and ankles concentrating on movement at the hips and ankles rather than actually at the knee.  I felt this immediately relieved the pressure on my knees.  Tonight I will teach my Pilates class and tomorrow get back to stair climbing and sit to stand exercises.    For me stretching the front of my body feels very important in order to help keep an upright posture rather than allow myself to bend forwards at the hip joints.   An exercise I like is simply to stand with the legs and feet together and push my pelvis forward allowing my body to arch backwards like a bamboo. Symbolically the bent over forwards posture typical of arthritis is linked to a half shut knife and bowing!    So I ponder what part of my story,  my biography, has become my biology as Caroline Myss describes.  That is my question today. I wonder what other folks out there have discovered in this?


Lin Grahame

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Dancing with Arthritis


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# Dancing with Arthritis