March already and I am very happy to see the light returning at night.
Somedays, those I call arthritic days, I feel old and worn! I feel stiff and tried and have a low mood. I feel that I am not good enough for anything! Louise Hay says that resentment, criticism and guilt are the most damaging thought patterns for us. So I search deeper to find out if I am harbouring any of these. Like most people, I am. The way out of this is to learn to love accept and approve of oneself exactly as you are!
So I ask myself, Where in your body do these thoughts seem to resonate? What would make you feel better?
Do you need rest or movement? A wild dance or a still dance?
What would be good to eat and drink? Protein, carbohydrate, water or wine?
Do I need company or to be alone?
Often I feel the need of a slow dance, a floor dance and easeful dance, stretching out and unfurling. Where in my body’s energy system am I feeling this? Which chakra, which organ ? Can I dance that?
I look in the mirror and what do I see? I believe in affirmation so I look myself in the eye and say out loud, ‘ I am loving and lovable’ ‘ I let go of any resistance to changing my long held negative beliefs’ ‘ I let go of my need to feel Not Good Enough’
Arthritis for me makes these beliefs seem more difficult to let go of because it can make me feel so stiff and old and so much less able than others. Everyone is different and everyone has their challenges and path to overcome.
Sure I cannot dance as I would like to,  but I can still move and express my story and many emotions through movement, so on I go!

Perhaps I can change these beliefs through movement?

Learning to let my spirit soar while needing to stay within the limits of my body.

Breath is a key

Music is a key

visualisation is a key

words are a key

writing is a key .

Finding the edge of balance and imbalance

Flexibility and Stiffness

Limiting and Expansive

Equilibrium and Disequilibrium

Letting go of the agenda

Finding who I am in  any given moment.

There is a paradox of arthritis

It’s cause and effect.

Meeting at it’s core.

Like a dog chasing it’s tail

but there is endless movement!

Books I am influenced by at this time:-

You can heal your life , Louise Hay
From Maiden to Mother. Sarah Durham Wilson
Intuitive Wellness, Laura Alden Kamm
Body Eloquence Nancy Mellon