Finding my Own Way by Lin Grahame

Over this last week or so, I have come to the acceptance that arthritis is a condition which has to be managed in one’s own way.  It is not easy or helpful to try to fit in with what others are doing, be that an athletic training regimen or a dance class.  For a long time before my accident I did a lot of dance classes and tried the best I could to fit in.

Not only did I become very tired, I also became depressed and disliked my arthritic body even more.  Every illness or dis-ease is specific to the individual.  This is felt by the individual who suffers from a specific dis-ease or condition,  perhaps more keenly than simply the knowledge that we are all different is felt.

For example, in a contemporary  dance, or ballet class, arthritis is with me for a large part of the time.  This is largely due to having less flexibility and more vulnerability than  other dancers.  This is not to disregard  others in any class who have their own issues of dis-ease to deal with.  Tiredness can also be difficult to accept.

My task I feel now, is to find a way to dance.  To find a way to exercise.  To enable myself and others to be artistic and to find joy in dance and movement without the tiredness and painful joints.  There is way.  I know this, because dance class does make my joints freer and the pain to feel less.

It simply has to be managed and tailored to fit!  Tailored to  fit a fit elder arthritic dancer.  Tailored eventually to help other people with joint problems or other dis-eases to feel the joy of dance and movement !  To feel their spirits lift on the sound of inspiring music, and to leave their aches, pains, stiffness, worries and depressions behind in the joy of movement.