Nine Months By Lin Grahame

Somehow nine months have passed since my injury and almost two months since I last wrote.

I have been trying to rewrite much of the earlier parts of my story but finding it difficult to find my way around WordPress!

My recovery is still ongoing and with each month I become less sure of a complete recovery. By that I mean better hip flexion and internal rotation. These movements would allow me to take part in a dance class in a studio.

The Covid 19 pandemic has been good for me! What a strange thing to write! I will explain more!. It has allowed me to make enough money through teaching Pilates on zoom when I would not have been able to do this in person. Carrying equipment was the major problem but also limitations of my ongoing injuries. I have also been able to take dance classes on zoom. The reasons I think are that I can make some exercises easier and adapt them to suit my ability without feeling exposed as less able.

I have in this way been able to be involved in Prime’s latest project with Christine Devany. This has been fabulous. I really enjoy and feel the benefit of the lovely long stretchy warm ups and the writing practice. Indeed I am writing now much more than before both as a practice and an art making! Moving and writing plays a major part of my practice.

Daily practice I now make time for . In July I was able to do a fabulous course called Solo School with Henry McGrath. This taught me so much about daily practice. The main thing is that an artistic practice is like a muscle. It can be trained and exercised and it will learn! Creativity can come from this learning and training.

There is no pressure for perfection or good enough to be shown, indeed the word ” shared” now means more! There is no expectation. Of course I want anything I share to be worth the witness’s time and attention, but I am learning to accept that I am enough!

Even with my present limitations physically I can share and will!

I am still attending Bill Taylor physiotherapist and doing exercises to strengthen my internal hip rotation, extension and flexion.

Dancing With Arthritis is becoming my project and it is really underway.