Not Rest and Relaxation by Lin Grahame

Today I write from Los Narejos, a small village near Los Alcazares on Mar Menor in Spain.

This was suppossed to be rest and relaxation before the autumn term of the Pilates teaching part of my work.

Last Thursday night our flight due to arrive in Alicante around 9pm was diverted to Valencia due to thunder and lightning.

Little did we know then that what I call my beautiful seaside Spanish village was devasted by a Gota Gris storm.

A years worth of water fell on the area in the time of an hour and poured down the mountains into the lagoon of Mar Menor taking with it crops from fields, electric cables pipes people’s cars and possessions.

It rushed through houses taking with it their furniture, equipment and personal items. Pets and livestock too were lost. At least seven people lost their lives and so many many more lost everything!
Our hotel emailed to say they were flooded and could not accommodate us.

How very lucky we are to be sitting here in the relative peace of Los Narejos.

As for the Fit Arthrtic, She is walking and cycling in the warm sunshine. Sadly swimming in the sea is not possible because the beaches and sea will take a while to be cleared of debris and recover. I do normally really enjoy swimming in the sea and find it really helpful to ease stiffness and pain.

It’s over a year since my second hip replacement and I still have to work to stand well and climb a steep step on that side, but generally moving well.

Planning to continue dancing with Prime for awhile yet. The week long residencies are difficult for my knees because there is not enough rest time. This however does not stop me dancing.
I have enjoyed this summer Open Floor Movement classes near where I am based in Edinburgh.

More soon