Slowly and with Ease by Lin Grahame

Its six months since my fall and I have learned much about the metaphysical messages that accident might be giving me.

One of the more simple ones, is that the joints and muscles of my body would rather be gently eased into more movement and flexibility, than pulled and pushed. My hands are the teachers in this. What are they used for? gripping, grabbing, pulling and pushing. This is exactly what I can’t do now with my hands. My hands it seems show me how my whole body works!

Its been a long road and I am still walking it, but I am beginning to trust my legs. I sometimes forget about the stick but never when the path is uneven or unknown to me. Dance class, at least contemporary dance class, still seems a long way off. Katie Miller’s Kitchen Ballet, is of course different for two stand out reasons. The first is that ballet itself is much more controlled movement than contemporary dance, at least that is what it feels like to me at present. The barre is there if I need it! The second is that the classes are on-line due to the Covid 19 pandemic. This means that I am not so visible! My clumsiness at ballet not so obvious!

The reasons for my fall on a purely physical level, still remain unknown. If i do also have osteoporosis then I will have another reason to make sure I don’t fall again!!

|Yesterday during a movement practice I had a thought come to me to focus on what I can do and not what I can’t do. Seems simple but actually gave me quite a boost and seems to be in line with what I spoke about in my last post- Finding my own way. I hope to be able, to not only find my own way but help other people with arthritis or joint problems or movement restrictions, to find their own way with ease and joy!

30th August 2020 St Andrews Scotland