Talk of Old Souls by Lin Grahame

I recently had the privilege of meeting and working with an Old Soul. On a basic level we would see him as a “Young Man” in his twenties. This man however, has more vision, insight, depth and ability to communicate all of these, than many people who are in their ” Old Age” 80’s or 90’s.

This made me think and I believe, that there is another level to this human life. The concept of an “Old Soul” exists and explains why some people are so much wiser and have the qualities I speak of in abundance! These souls, it is suggested by many, have returned here to this life many times to learn the lessons and face their challenges. This gives them the depth of character we feel, witness and experience!

Me, I am a young soul! Sounds good doesn’t it! On a basic level perhaps it is.

For me it explains a lot and means I am only at the beginning of my journey of becoming. Becoming the best soul I can be.

We are all, I believe at different stages on this time line and as such, we all deserve the the greatest respect, love, compassion and kindness. We do not deserve judgment, criticism or hate.
What matters is how we live the life we are given at this time.

I hope that everyone meets at least one Old Soul in their life!