Travelling again by Lin Grahame

I think my most enjoyable times are those when I am travelling.  Lockdown time would have been very much more difficult for me had I not been injured.   The extent of my injuries meant that I have done and thought of little else but recovery and rehabilitation!

Today I wanted to write about how much travelling means to me.

25 weeks since I fell and broke my right femur and smashed my right hip prosthesis AND broke my right wrist.  The relevance and meaning I take from this is another post.

I still use a stick to walk and don’t quite trust my legs!  I struggle with mobility because my right hip is not bending beyond 90  degrees without a lot of coaxing.  Sometimes it feels like this is really the life of an arthritic!  Each morning exercises to strengthen and increase mobility and regain an upright posture.   More on those next time.

Travelling even a short trip to East Lothian under my own steam felt great.  I always love being on the road!   I can drive this short distance despite the symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome in both wrists.  I hope to be able to travel again.   Covid19 has meant travel restrictions for everyone and now that I am able,  it is beginning to dawn on me that travel in the future could be more difficult for everyone, let alone a person with a disability, even if they are fit!

So right now it has to be ” take one day at a time” both from my recovery and from the pandemic point of view.  The future is unknown.   Even a short trip is great and worth writing about!