69 summers is a journal, a memoire, a travelogue, and more.   I had the idea as I travelled in Spain last year.   2022 was  actually my 70th year, my birthday being this year 2023!

Because if my reluctance or resistance  to publish my writing, I am writing here some of my musings and  impressions from my most recent traveling adventure to Morocco last month.

Arriving at Marrakesh Menara airport,  I am immediately loving that smell of warm air that I have loved ever since my first visit to Spain in the 1980s.

The lovely young man who was to drive me to the Riad de Trois Mages, was amazed and intrigued that an old lady would be traveling on her own!  He gave me a high five for my courage and strength!  It was a salute to me and a surprise to them, my solitude.  This is bravery, they wonder.  I wonder how I will cope.   This feels very different from other places I have visited and not knowing the language feels isolating.   English and French of course are widely spoken, alongside Arabic and Berber.

A large wooden door down a  a dark narrow street opens into a paradise of cool and calm.  A courtyard opens to the sky.  There is a wonderful exotic smell or sweetness and spice but with a freshness I can’t explain.