During the last few weeks I am coming more and more to terms with the fact that now, around 14 months after my accident and right hip revision and broken femur.  I may not be able to do some things I took for granted before.  A hip replacement revision is a very different thing from the first elective surgery.   The main thing, as far as being a dancer and mover is concerned, is the fact that I cannot flex my right hip much beyond 90 degrees.  I cannot turn it inward.  Much of the floor work taken for granted in some contemporary dance styles is no longer possible, easy or perhaps even safe for me to try to do.   The lockdown brought us to on-line classes which have enabled me to continue dancing in my small home space and adapt things as I need.  When we return to the dance studio, I will have to think again !!    Somedays I don’t even walk with an even steady gait let alone dance across a studio floor!   I get tired easily because I have arthritis in my knees and back.   Oh,  but how I love to dance!  To express emotions in movement!  To move to music that moves me! To feel by body take different shapes and lines, twists and turns.   It can no longer move across a floor with grace and ease or can it?   This is my question,  my seeking.  It is not the graceful lines and moves of a ballerina or  contemporary dancer, but is it expression.  And in authentic  expression there are  gems of beauty!  There is simply  A Different Dance!