Dancing with the flow of life.

Susan Jeffers said: –

Dancing with Life is Moving with the Flow of our Experiences.

Some days the experience of arthritis can feel like there is no flow to the dance!  I hobble along and everything aches!  Especially when the temperature goes down and the rain comes in!

Then I ask myself: – What does my body want?  What does my spirit want?

Today my answer is Comfort.  To feel wrapped in warm acceptance and unconditional love despite my feelings of stiffness and ugliness and lack of confidence in Movement.

So, what would bring my Comfort and then Joy?

Music is my first thought.  I rummage through my playlist and find Kirtana’s song entitled, ‘Already Home’

“Nothing to seek, Nothing to gain, Nothing to know.

Nothing to lose, Nothing to do, but let go.

Let’s rest here, where the future and the past disappear.

Here, In the sanctity of Now.

Nothing to prove, Nothing to own, no-one to be

Nowhere to Move

Already home already Free”

From the album Unseen Grace



I lie on the floor or the bed and breath.

The music begins to encourage small movements, breath is Movement

If you are breathing, you are dancing!

I let it be my guide because, today, my body doesn’t feel like being my guide!

Soon I feel that life is in my joints and I start to feel upfitted, restored and free!

Simply by honouring the ability I have today!

I can perhaps move on to another track?  Something more upbeat?

Or I can simply rest here!

Lifted in Spirit, Lifted in Mind so Lifted in Body.

There is flow!  I have found it through music and breath and self-love and acceptance.