Yesterday was the first two performances of this amazing work choreographed by Christine Devaney.

After a day of almost continuous rain on Saturday, yesterday the sun shone for us in between some very atmospheric mist.

I am at times totally amazed and always very grateful that I am able to do this.  It seems so incredible that last year I was learning to walk and quite fearful of going downhill or out if the pavements were wet!

I still struggle with fast movements and turns and  being on my feet for a long time, but I made it through these performances and really enjoyed them.  I am loosing my fear of making a mistake or being seen to make a mistake!  I am believing in what I can do!

My main problem now I think is my right knee.  Both knees have  arthritis.  I have been using QT tape supporting my knees as well as a knee sleeve and Voltarol.  This combination seems to work well so far.  Perhaps there simply ups and downs in mobility and pain.  Sometimes after a long time on my feet dancing or walking, the next day I am very stiff and walking with difficulty, but today was ok.

The chances of a knee replacement here with NHS is not high, especially since where I live it is very difficult even to get an appointment with a GP.  This would be the first step. What I really want is a clear honest discussion with a good surgeon about what the benefits would be.

I will post some photos of the performance soon.