Here we are January 2022 nearly two years since my accident and the start of the covid pandemic.  Although some of my movement ability will never be as it was, I am grateful to be able to teach still and help people find the awareness, balance, and core strength, that Pilates can bring.  The more I learn the more I really feel that it is a holistic practice for not only the body, but the mind and Spirit also.

For me the ultimate holistic exercise is dance and movement to music.  It might seem that it is not possible to dance with joints that do not have the best range of movement or feel stiff.  It may not feel possible to use an arthritic body to express feelings and emotions.  This is not the case!  I really hope that I can help other people who have arthritis to see, believe,  and feel the joy of movement.

Dancing with Arthritis project continues to develope itself as ideas form and I hope to be able to offer classes soon.