I have had neck and shoulder pain and stiffness for the last four or five weeks.  My jaw has clicked for many years but is not sore.   But, moving my jaw back and forward and side to side along with neck stretches seems to help my neck pain.  Of course they are linked and arthritis in my neck undoubtedly affects the jaw.   My neck pain is at times reaching down the muscles on the same side of my back – right hand side- past a very sore round point!  A trigger point!   It is also along the sternocleidomastoid muscle and other muscles  towards the back of my neck.  It radiates  out across the top of my shoulder to another trigger point. At times there is a burning sensation out along the muscle on my shoulder top.

Why has this neck arthritis become more of a challenge lately?   The neck bridges the heart and mind?  There is a block in energy flow between my head and my body!  The clear graceful honest expression form my sacral energy center is not getting through either!    Looking a little deeper and there it is!   Something or Someone in my life is a pain in the neck!  A Challenge in communication and more.   Throat Chakra!   Expression of self, truth, creativity, individuality!  Communication!  Asking for what I want and need.   There is a feeling of undervalue from an intellectual perspective, challenged from a communication perspective.  I work at listening before communicating.  Listen for my truth and integrity and then speak it if it is needed.  Was I fearful of speaking up ?  Am I now fearful of speaking up ?   How can I ask for support when there is no one to ask?

My father died last year.  No he was not someone I could ask for support.  My grandfather was that person perhaps.  I searched for that person all my life and never found them.

Moving  with this, I find that my shoulders lift and tighten with most movements.   Am I  striving to make these movements  better ? Trying to make my movements look better, be more flexible!  Until a break or an injury forces me to stop.  Then there is relief!  I don’t have to try any more.   Can I find that ease  before the injury?  Let go ?   Open my throat chakra to who I am, to my truth, integrity, individuality without fear and the need to protect myself.   Can I let go of anger?   Can I be more flexible, turn around,  look behind me, see where I have been?

I wanted to be a dancer!   I wanted to look like a dancer.  I wanted to be elegant and flowing but arthritis is not that!  So  I dislike my movement, undervalue it?

To be continued.