Slow Pilates is about attention to detail, particularly Posture and Position.
It is about Breath, Flow and lengthening the Spine.  This is the Pilates format,  but we can go slower and learn to tune into our body, mind and spirit more. Learning to release tensions became more  important.  It felt no longer useful to simply carry out exercises when existing tensions were still very much held.  These holding patterns influence how one moves!
It is about Awareness.  Somatic movement awareness and honouring your body.
So not just about doing the exercises, but developing a practice that is specific to you, guided  by your ever increasing awareness of your own body, mind and spirit and what you need.  You can be in the class but look after yourself.
It is about finding Balance.  Build your repertoire but know when to stop or when to challenge yourself.  This could be in range of movement, speed of  movement or in number of repetitions.
It is suited to those who want to work more closely with somatic awareness.
People who have been injured and  the older mover with less range of movement.
The session will start with a gradual warm up through awareness of tensions and releasing them with breath and guided imagery.  As we progress to Pilates exercises participants are invited to continue to keep focus on release and to  really tune in to what is happening for them in body, mind and spirit